Ferris Beuller sure knew how to take a day off:

Ferris Bueller sure knew how to have a day off:

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Misc. Remembrance:

In 1982, I asked my classmate Michele if she had any gum in her purse. She said "I don't have gum, but I have Gummy Bears". It was then I had my very first Gummy Bear. I'm still addicted.


  1. Oh my good God, I totally remember the first time I heard of Gummy Bears, too! A friend brought them to school. Someone in her family had brought them to her from Germany. Man, they were such a treat! They're still my go-to candy choice when I want a little something sweet. :)

  2. I still buy them too but for some reason they don't seem to taste the same as they used to. Maybe I'm just imagining it..

  3. Mix them with some potassium for a bit of fun ...lol
    ( "Very Messy" though)...Evil laughter....LOL

    1. Watch the You Tube Clips first... We do Not want you to get injured by "gummi Bears"... take care and have a great weekend ...

    2. Watched the clips this morning. Awesomess

  4. The first time I came across Gummy Bears was around 82-83.
    A small group of family went to stay a week at a relatives out in the middle of nowhere big old farm house.
    There was a huge candy dish in the kitchen filled to the brim with Gummy Bears, My cousin and myself quickly discovered the joys of the Gummy Bear. We pretty much ate the whole dish of them, washed it down with large glasses of milk and followed that and equally big glass of coke. (Hey we were kids.) Then got in the back of the station wagon for the long windy road trip into town.
    At some point my Both my cousin and myself looked at each other and said Uh-Oh and proceeded to Rainbow barf Gummy Bears all over the back door and bumper of the car as well as the hood and windshield of the tailgater behind us.
    The shocked driver as well as the grumbling of my Irate uncle, made us laugh as we puked. I must say, the Gummy Bears tasted just as good on the way up as they did on the way down.
    (The downside was when we got back, we were handed buckets and sponges and had to clean off the car.)
    The upside is that event didn't in the least put a damper on my love for the Gummy Bear which lasts to this day.