Ferris Beuller sure knew how to take a day off:

Ferris Bueller sure knew how to have a day off:

Sunday, January 20, 2013

One of the best movies of the decade:

Saw this in '85, twice at the theater. I've seen it a couple of times on TV. I never get tired of this movie. One of my favorite scenes was when he traveled back in time and found himself in the barn, and the farmer thought he was an alien and started shooting at him with a shotgun. I laughed my @$$ off. In the early to mid-'80s, Michael J. Fox could do no wrong. Everything he did was great (well, except for "Teen Wolf". That really sucked).


  1. Well, here I am, follower number lucky thirteen! These blogs are addictive, aren't they? I just started a new one myself, though I won't plug it here.

    I wasn't a huge MJF fan, though I must admit, I enjoyed the first BttF movie where he went back squarely into my own era. Loved the way he invented the skateboard! That's exactly the way we did it in my Southern California neighborhood, except it was the result of an accident.

    I see you share a Christmas Eve birthday with my wife; did you get screwed on the gift count as well?

    Best of luck with the new endeavor. I intend to feature you at the hideout next Sunday, so be ready for that tidal wave of traffic!... (Yeah, right)

  2. If "13" makes you uncomfortable, I can always delete Val so you could be "12"..

    1. Thirteen uncomfortable? I fart in its general direction! Friday the 13th is a date I reserve for skydiving! Bring it on!!!!

  3. Dear Joe,... (First time that I have called you by your Name)...
    I do agree with you on your "frustration" over "the Ads"... Sadly there is not much we can do.... You have a Great Evening
    ...the Doctor

  4. Ah so you have them too... I feel so "violated"...