Ferris Beuller sure knew how to take a day off:

Ferris Bueller sure knew how to have a day off:

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Misc. Remembrance:

In the summer of '88 and '89, myself and my buddy were managing the Fore 'N Aft motel in North Truro Massachusetts on Beach Point. The property consisted of 11 motel rooms and 4 beach side cottages. Above is the Joel Meyerowitz photograph entitled "Doorway To The Sea". It was the breezeway between rooms 18 and 17. On the left of the inside of the breezeway was the doorway into the linen closet for the maid which had all the linens, bathroom supplies, etc. In '88, a family had rented cottage 4 (which was right on Cape Cod bay. You couldn't have gotten closer to the water) for a week starting the 4th of July weekend. Everything was booked. The woman arrived around 11 a.m. and looked at the cottage long enough to use the bathroom, and then walked into the office to tell me the accommodations weren't to her liking, and demanded a full refund. I knew I could rent the unit again in 15 minutes (which I did), and I knew that nothing else was available in all of Cape Cod, and I knew that if I tried to convince her to stay she'd just think I was trying to keep her money, so I gave her a full refund and let her leave. Around 6:00 that night, she came back (very haggard looking) and asked if I still had the unit available. I had rented the unit 15 minutes after she left and I told her "I'm sorry but I have nothing else available". As soon as I said that a woman came out of the unit she had booked with a plate of hamburgers, and the family that had rented the unit was sitting down to a barbecue dinner on the beach to watch the sunset. She had to leave and find other accommodations. I really enjoyed that.


  1. First off, wish I had had that job back then! I was working at Papa Gino's (in '88) and Shaw's ('89) - so not the beach! LOL

    Second, why was she unhappy? Seems like a beautiful spot!

    1. My bedroom had a sliding glass door onto the beach. And I'd go to sleep every night with the sound of the lighthouse and the smell of the water.

  2. Yeah it was a great job. Wonderful memories

  3. Sounds like that old woman in Fawlty Towers who wouldn't turn her hearing aid on because she didn't want the batteries to run down...

  4. Jack and CTG: The last thing you do is show up on Cape Cod on 4th of July weekend and decline your reservation. There wasn't anything available on all of Cape Cod. She was alot nicer when she showed up the second time